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Collaborate with designers and developers, create training videos , reply to support tickets, report bugs , assign tasks , and more. And without slowing down your computer or overwhelming you with options.

Click and drag the crosshair to select the desktop area you want to capture. ScreenRec is a free screen recorder that you can use to capture any area of your desktop screen including your voice and webcam. Perfect for recording quick training videos and visual feedback. ScreenRec keeps all your screen recordings and screenshots safe in your online library.

1. QuickTime

ScreenRec comes with FREE private cloud storage, enterprise-level security, video management tools and analytics. ScreenRec allows you to communicate visually by recording your voice and desktop screen. Want your own local copies?

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Sure, why not. You can save each ScreenRec capture to your hard drive in a convenient. To further protect your captures from unwanted viewers, you can set passwords and restrict access by Geo location or public IP address.

Share playlists privately to speed up employee onboarding, publicly to enhance your tech support content or use them to keep track of past design and code iterations. You know how, sometimes, people say they read your report or watched your training video but… you really doubt they did. The ability to record screen captures and send to users that are experiencing kind of an issue or need assistance helped us to provide better support to them.

This free screen recording software is perfect for customer support videos and troubleshooting. It allows me to make short videos and share directly with the users without having to send the file.

Download Free Screen Recorder for Mac - Best Software & Apps

Just share the link. I find it a great free stream recorder that we use to record live web streams on YouTube. I love that. That means I can record my screen, send the link immediately, then I can move on with my life. I can easily set time limits or view limits and passwords to control who can see my screen recordings. There might be several occasions when you want to capture your gameplay, record streaming videos, or either make some video tutorials or software reviews on your Mac. In case these circumstances arise, a good screen recorder is necessary.

Screen recording features

Actually, there are lots of screen recording software that are available online. However, most of these tools only offer paid version or have a poor recording quality. In this article, we will introduce the best free screen recorder for Mac. Moreover, this program can capture your desktop activity together with the audio coming from your system and microphone. Overall, there is surely no doubt that Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is one of the best free screen recorders for Mac available on the market. To utilize this program, you can follow the step-by-step guide below.

How to Screen Record with Audio on a Mac For FREE!

Monosnap is another mentionable flexible program specifically developed for Mac OS. You can use this program not only to record your screen but also to take quick screenshots in case you need to use it as a powerful screen recording software. In addition, this tool can be used as a storage software. This program can also offer the option of capturing your webcam, microphone or system sound as you can just set it before you start recording according to your need.

Aside from that, the mentioned program can record in 60 fps. This means that you can record smoothly even you are playing high framerate games.

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If you want to use this free video recording software for Mac, you may follow the steps below. The next free screen recording tool for Mac that you can rely on according to our list is OBS Studio. This is a free and open source screen recorder that is available on both Windows, Mac, and Linux. The suggested program will allow you to capture real-time activities and create excellent live streaming videos. Moreover, this program has the ability to incorporate footage from your previous recordings or add exiting videos.

On the other side, this program is to some degree complicated, in the sense that you can take certain time familiarizing its interface and configurations. Here are the steps on how to use this program.

Top 5 Free Screen Recording Software for Mac

Another free screen recording software for Mac is Jing by Techsmith that has been very popular on the market for a long time. This program is very simple and easy to use that are the pillars of its popularity. It comes with a movable sun icon that can be placed anywhere on your display, which enables you to easily utilize its function.

Aside from screen recording, you can use this tool to take screenshots and edit it right after capturing. However, this program can only record up to 5 minutes. If you are still interested to use this program despite its time limitation, you can follow these steps. The last recording program for Mac is the Quicktime Player. This is an extensible multimedia framework that can be used not only to record videos but also to play, edit and share videos on Mac.

This tool can be characterized with that it has a very intuitive interface which makes it very easy to use even for beginners. This program can create footage of your Mac screen with a web camera or iPhone screen. You can follow the instructions below to capture your screen using this best free screen recorder for Mac. As you can see, the aforementioned programs are the currently best free Mac screen recording software you can find on the market.