Mac hard drive size keeps shrinking

Our daily downloads including apps, files, music, movies, and pictures add up to a lot and keep increasing. So how do you manage our space efficiently? Do you buy more drives? Do you end up deleting important files and data? As compared to earlier versions of Windows OS, Windows 10 definitely has a smaller on-disk footprint.

Resizing a Mac Drive Partition with Disk Utility

There are many ways you can free up and shrink some space that is used by Windows Let's take a look:. They add up and take up to GBs of space. You read that right! You can actually compress the installation files for Windows 10 thereby freeing up a lot of space on your drive. Just follow the below steps:.

Step 2: Type in the following command and run it to compress the OS installation files:. Hibernation files also take up a lot of space on your drive — up to several gigabytes. Fortunately you have the power to control it. Follow the simple steps below:. The paging file takes up plenty of space.

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The good news is that you can limit the size yourself. Step 6: Uncheck the option: Automatically manage paging size for all drives and after selecting the Custom size option, choose the initial and maximum size for paging file and click on Set and OK. You can choose one of the above ways or you can even try all of them to free up maximum space. Your email address will not be published.

7 Reasons Why You are Losing Hard Drive Space

I prefer to delete them one at at time. Once my "System" disk usage is at an acceptable level, I stop deleting but you can delete all of them if you want to reclaim all of the disk space.

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You can watch your System Information graphic free up disk space in real time to see if you've removed enough. I want to stress that this should only likely be used if you absolutely immediately need to reclaim the disk space. Otherwise macOS does a pretty good job in managing the unused disk space for local backups and purging when it deems necessary.

KB Parallels: Free up disk space on Mac

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How to free up Hard Drive space

USB-C is the future, and grabbing an external hard drive is a great way to store backups, music, movies, files, and more! Skip to main content. Forums Shop Toggle Search. Time Machine and local backups How to determine if a lot of your disk space is being used by "System" Purging old snapshots Comments Time Machine and local backups If you run Time Machine for backups over Wi-Fi like I do, then macOS High Sierra will simultaneous use your remote backup disk and your local disk to save backups to. Determining if you have a large amount of "System" disk usage To see if this method will help you reclaim some disk space we need to check the macOS System Information.

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Click About This Mac. Purging local backups Please note that although this doesn't affect your remote backup from Time Machine, this will get rid of the redundancy at least until the next Time Machine backup that a local backup disk will provide. Start Terminal from spotlight. At the terminal type tmutil listlocalsnapshotdates. Hit enter.

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Back at the terminal, type tmutil deletelocalsnapshots where will be one of the dates from your backup. This will be in the form of xxx-yy-zz-abcdef. Try to start with the oldest snapshot. Repeat for as many snapshot dates as required. Comments I want to stress that this should only likely be used if you absolutely immediately need to reclaim the disk space.

Are you running out of disk space? What have you done about it?