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Observe the screen caps from the highly capable Genie Timeline and Macrium Reflect below, and tell me if they offer anything approaching the simplicity of Time Machine.

How to: Time Machine backup for PC with Windows 10, 8 or 7 - Zinstall FullBack

Even a simple backup program for Windows such as Genie Timeline can be bewildering to the average user. Time Machine simply asks you where to back up, then does it. You do have to log on to network destinations, but Time Machine simply asks you to do that when you select the network location. For a fully-trained IT person or advanced users, they facilitate customization and optimization of the backup process.

This can save a lot of time and money. Though immensely powerful, True Image and other PC backup programs are complex overkill for the vast majority of users. Despite its seeming simplicity, Time Machine allows you easily to restore single files, recover your entire system, or clone your entire system to another Mac.

You can do so from local storage or across a network.

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What does the user have to do to get the ball rolling? Open Time Machine from the menu bar and browse the backup, or hold the Command-R key combo when booting the Mac and choose the Time Machine option. The average end user has one set of data that they want, or should want, to back up to multiple locations.

Time Machine allows you to back up your single data set to as many drives or network locations as you wish. Windows software, on the other hand, is stuck in the IT-centric model where you back up multiple users or PCs to one location, then IT backs that to other locations for redundancy.

Connect the Drive to Your PC

That might be enough, but if you want to back up to more locations than that, you have to create another job, then another, etc. Apple does have several advantages in keeping Time Machine simple. First off, each Macs has its own self-contained boot facility that provides the basics of the OS and various utilities, including Time Machine.

That limits the number of drivers that might need to be injected when restoring to a different Mac. Additionally, nearly every NAS and network storage vendor has added the code that enables their boxes as Time Machine backup destinations. Time Machine is not perfect by any means.

Go figure. It would also be really nice if Time Machine backed up the Boot Camp partition. Say what? Admittedly, drive cloning and the like would be nice. Even while complaining, the article still grudgingly admitted that Time Machine makes backup so simple that users will actually do it!

As I just intimated so loudly above, by far the most common issue with backup is the failure to back up in the first place. In the end, all Microsoft and third-party vendors need to do is take the software they have and change their approach and interface. On your mark.

Will Windows users ever have backup as easy as Apple's Time Machine?

Get set. Dead simple versus not so much Setting up a Time Machine backup takes three simple steps: attaching an external drive, pointing Time Machine at it, and turning on the service. Download Backblaze 4. Everything backed up and synced with Mozy undergoes military-grade encryption. Then, the service offers true file sync, with all backed up data accessible via the web interface or through dedicated mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

It also features automatic, behind-the-scenes backups with smart bandwidth management.

Download Mozy 5. The program serves the purpose of backing up drive images — both logical and partitions — to image files that can then be restored to the same drive or a different one, creating a mirror image. These images in turn are stored in the universal XML format, making them accessible and manipulable in a number of third-party tools without necessarily needing DriveImage on the target computer.

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Because data is stored in XML, it can be accessed and files can be retrieved from it as needed. DriveImage XML can also be set to work in background, allowing for easy deployment of this solution. Duplicati is that candidate in this list.

Step One: Create a Shared Folder on Your Windows Network and Connect to It from Your Mac

Duplicati also comes with strong encryption and automated backups. It works with scheduling and performs incremental backups to save bandwidth. A bunch of other options are also available to ensure that you have full control over what gets backed up through this program.

Simplifying Computer and Mobile Management. With you in mind.

With Windows 10, you can choose which folders need to be monitored and for how long different versions of those files should be kept. Keep in mind, that you will need an external drive to back up these files. File History works best for documents or PowerPoint presentations; the types of files that go through rapid changes throughout their life cycle.

How To Use Time Machine 2018

The tool was introduced back in Windows 7 and has since carried on as a legacy application. This involves choosing a backup location external hard drive, for instance and what to backup best to let Windows choose, since that encompasses everything and is the easiest option , and specify a backup schedule.

The full system images created by this tool can be used to recover a crashed PC and restore it back to the last backup state in its entirety. We have a backup solution for everyone, be it someone who prefers cloud storage or someone looking to back things up on an external drive.